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Bud Break is happening!

I had the opportunity to spend some time with our Winemaker, Craig, out in the vineyard today, learning about every vineyard's highly-anticipated Bud Break. Bud Break is when the buds start blooming, beginning the life-cycle of the vine.

It was fascinating to see how quickly the buds have grown since their original debut last weekend! Craig also explains some of the dangers that could potentially damage the vines while they're growing, in the video below.

Check out this short video of Craig explaining the process!

This is one of our Merlot vines, you can see the 'red-tinged' flowers that will bloom into grapes that produce our popular Merlot wine.

Craig has been growing grapes & making wine commercially for over 3 decades. He has a Master's Degree in Enology & Viticulture from the University of California, Davis, (the scientific study of wine & winemaking), & he's worked in Northern & Southern California, New York, South Dakota, Arizona, & Georgia. His favorite thing about making wine is the transformation, "Taking a grape & transforming it into something else completely different, is phenomenal to me." -Craig, Winemaker, Montaluce Winery & Restaurant


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