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From Canada to Georgia: Meet Montaluce’s Wine-Maker

You may have seen him around the restaurant or working on his next creation in our wine cellar, but Montaluce’s latest wine-maker is relatively new to the winery. Jake Achorn has been part of the team since July 2022. The Canadian native moved to North Georgia to continue his career in the winemaking business.

Achorn started his education at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada. As a student, he got a part time job in the alcohol industry.

“I dove in headfirst, falling in love with the blending of art, science, and farming, learning everything I could,” said Achorn.

His mentors ultimately pointed him in the direction he needed to go, Niagara College to study winemaking. While in school, Jake was offered a job working with Amélie Boury at Chateau des Charmes in Ontario, Canada.

Achorn’s journey then took him to New Zealand, followed by the Okanagan Valley in Canada, and now Georgia.

“I am very excited to grow with Montaluce,” expressed Achorn. “Being very new to Georgia, I want to put my focus on the vineyard because without sounding too cliché, “The great wines are made in the vineyard.”

There are a few wines Achorn is looking forward to in the coming years including the first Blanc de Blanc and the Estate Cabernet Franc.

“This year we will be bottling our first Blanc de Blanc from our estate vineyard. The fruit came in very clean and beautiful and I will be looking forward to disgorging this one down the road,” described Achorn. “As well as our Estate Cabernet Franc, it hung very well for us this year. The franc just went to barrel last month and will be there for 14 months before we can share it with you.”


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