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Honeybees & Wine!

Montaluce honey comes from our on-site honey bees, & our beekeeper, Don, picked up additional colonies to add to our already-thriving beehives. When he asked me if I wanted to tag along while he transferred them to their new bee boxes, of course, I said yes!

The queen bee is in a wooden box with holes on each end. One end is plugged with cork, & the other end is filled with "queen candy," that the worker bees eat through, eventually releasing the queen.

You can't see the queen cage, because worker bees are surrounding it, protecting the queen & eating the queen candy.

Check out this video of Don transplanting our latest package of bees.

The bees were successfully transplanted to their new hives, & Montaluce Market will have fresh honey from our honey bees, available to purchase very soon!

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