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Lessons In Labor: Some Positivity In The Midst Of Chaos.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Montaluce have had to come together & work harder

than ever, (oftentimes outside of our regular departments), to maintain our vineyards, winery, restaurant. Despite the challenges, this experience has given us the opportunity to grow closer & become family, instead of just coworkers. I've been able to learn exciting new things about every process required to run a successful winery....Today, my 'Adventures in the Vines' consisted of Craig & his crew, (as well as our Restaurant Manager, & Executive Chef), digging over 200 hundred holes, so they can replant new vines.

(Some of our vines had been infected with Pierce's Disease, so Tommaso, Chef, & our vineyard crew dug them up & are digging holes for the new vines, which should be arriving soon!)

Winemaker Craig explains a little about Pierce's Disease:

Even Chef, Christopher laid down his apron for the day, so he could help dig holes:

This is one of the many things that makes Montaluce so special to us. On the surface, we're a winery & restaurant, but at our core, we're an agricultural farm, & most importantly, family.


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