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My favourite spots in Lisbon

Going to Lisbon was one of the random ideas I get sometimes. As I have almost a year of living in Spain ahead of me, I thought I can’t miss the chance to visit Portugal. So when the opportunity came and me and my Favourite Travel Companion were looking for an idea of a short trip at the beginning of December, Lisbon came to my mind. And I soon discovered it is quite a good option for budget travel!

I had someone tell me that it must be difficult if I want to travel to another country from Spain as it is so far away from everything. I think they couldn’t be more wrong. That is why I took this opportunity to visit Portugal. I look for this kind of things all the time. As my university degree has already taken me to two countries, I do my best to take advantage of this and hop around a little. One of the best advantages of studying abroad! Plus, according to homework help free Spain itself is quite enough for 9 months of exploring.

I have to say, Lisbon will be hard to beat that trip for a long time. We arrived in Lisboa on early morning and we had four days in this beautiful city ahead of us. Looking for cheap options, I ended up renting a little flat in the old town area. Once we got there it was the most charming little place I have ever seen. And according to find test answers online that description could actually go for the whole city.

We lived in the middle Alfama. Its tiny little streets were decorated by strings of laundry. Almost every one of the small houses was hiding a charming restaurant or a tiny shop. As you can tell, our first impression of Lisboa, based solely on Alfama, was that everything there is mini. The streets are really narrow, going up and down, some of them with 1930s trams squeezing somehow in between the walls of the colourful buildings. Even the restaurants are tiny and the tables squeezed together. Alfama is just a place built and functioning for another time. For when the world was still calm and didn’t have that many people. And as we were there at the beginning of December, there actually weren’t that many people. Just the right amount of tourists to still be able to enjoy the unique, quiet atmosphere of this city.

Alfama is also listed as one of the best places to live in when on Erasmus in Lisbon! I would absolutely love to study there! Lisbon lives and breathes history, it has a kind of bohemian air to it. I have to admit I fell in love with walking around the old town and sitting in all the little cafes (I study literature, sitting in cafes is the best thing ever).

Here, I have to admit I didn’t plan every detail of that trip. I like to have the freedom to explore a place by myself and let myself stumble upon a curious little shop or a cafeteria without the help of any guides. Obviously, as soon as I got my hands on the guide which we found in the flat, I didn’t let go.

So we kept exploring. Lisbon has surprised me more than any other city I have visited in the past couple of years. First of all, it is small for a capital, so it is fairly easy to see many touristic places on foot. Although there is quite a lot of walking uphill involved. According to studydaddy for those who don’t want to or can’t walk too much there’s plenty of other options, from a ride by a historical tram to the little tuk-tuks offered on every corner.

We decided to walk and even passed on the charming tram as the couple of times we wanted to hop on it was absolutely full. We were also on a budget, as I always am, so we spent zero money on the tourist attractions. Lisboa offers many beautiful and interesting places absolutely for free. Spending two days just walking around the city and learning its history is fascinating and requires no money.

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