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With the Warriors Collection Event, Apex Legends players can also expect a brand new set of themed cosmetics for their champions. The Legendary skins will include the “Synthetic Huntress” Ash Skin, “Riding Dirty” Octane Skin, “Jewel Olympus” Horizon Skin, and “Combat Survivalist” Lifeline.


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This also ensures that if another player chooses the Legend you want, you still have a few other go-to options you feel familiar with.

This is a habit that people have a hard time breaking – especially in lower ranks. While it’s always good to search for ammo, meds, and grenades sometimes it’s simply unnecessary. You will always put yourself at risk when you’re scavenging since your attention is elsewhere. If you have Level 3 armor and a fully kitted gun then there’s no reason to just run around opening chests. Also, remember that you have two other teammates, so take their needs into consideration also.

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At Childnet, we regularly deliver online safety training sessions in schools to pupils, parents, carers and teachers. Recently we have noticed an increasing number of young people talking about the game ‘Apex Legends’. In this blog we are giving guidance to parents and carers about Apex Legends looking at what the game is and some of the key things to be aware of.

If you’re following tip #3, your inventory should already be bursting at the seams, but make sure you always have at least one grenade on hand.

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Event Prize Tracker is an available tracker for players’ progress throughout the event. This tracker includes both progress for three event badges and 22 event rewards. There are 5000 points a player can earn to obtain all available rewards. Apart from the available rewards, Apex Legends also gives out free rewards to players this month for simply logging in during specific dates.

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She also has another useful ability where she'll alert you when someone can see you or a teammate, which you can communicate to your squad by pressing down on the d-pad.

Lifeline: One of the Apex Legend Characters.

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From Respawn software engineer Justin Cook:

Although she can be hard to grasp and use effectively when starting out.

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I couldn’t make this guide without including the new legend. While I don’t think Fuse will make any substantial waves in the meta like Horizon continues to do, he’ll definitely be selected in Apex Legends' lower stakes quickplay mode. Fuse’s entire skillset is rendered useless against smart Wattson players, but his ultimate, "The Motherlode," can find some incredible value when dropped on preoccupied teams — the darn thing can be fired from up to 200 meters away! Simply put, Fuse was designed with third parties in mind and should play a large part in determining how his team will engage in largescale battles. Revenant’s "Death Totem" is still a terrifying “second life” option for when you bombard a team with Fuse’s abilities and want to pick off stragglers without taking serious damage. Finally, the frontier’s most respected medic is there to revive or heal her squadmates in case things don’t go as planned.

This railgun-type sniper rifle is another fine addition to the ranks of some of the best and most annoying guns in Apex Legends Mobile. The Triple Take packs more damage than the Longbow, and hence, is more powerful when taking headshots (in charged mode). However, do be aware that you lose some mag capacity in the process. While the PC version doesn’t allow for any optic changes due to the gun being a Care Package weapon, you can choose from over eight optics on mobile.

That said, there is always good loot here. There are multiple loot stashes, two docked ships, and buildings leading to the dam that are filled with weapons and other precious loot.

There are measures you can take to augment your weapon’s force or output. There are a few add-ons you can use to create a more enhanced version of gameplay like barrel stabilizers, extended magazines, and hop-ups. Hop-ups create a world of different possibilities for weapon usage. Adding a Precision Choke to the Peacekeeper shotgun tightens up your spread over time, while a Selectfire Receiver with a Prowlers enables full auto-fire.

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The quicker you move, the better chance you have of surviving because if you can loot faster than another team, you have a better chance of beating them in a fight. If you drop in the same area as another team, the best thing to do is to get a gun and some armor and try to take the other team out early before they get anything to defend themselves with. Talk with your teammates and tell them where the enemies are so you don’t get flanked by the other team and always keep moving because a moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one. Also, you need to move fast because the circle moves pretty quickly. Try to stay as close to the circle as you possibly can to avoid any damage.

This beginners guide to Apex Legends will explain or delve into some points not mentioned in their tutorial/training mission. If you are a newbie to battle royale games, some of these tips and tricks will help get you up to speed with what is expected of you for this game and other similar games. In Apex Legends, Teams drop in completely disarmed except for their individual skills and ultimate abilities. The players must rely on supply crates and random items scattered around the world to protect and arm themselves. Among these items are ammo, different gun types, body armor, helmets, various types of hand-deployed ordinance, items and attachments; all of differing rarities and levels. The last team standing wins!

When aiming down sights at an ally, their name tag disappears, making it harder to tell friend from foe. At the start of each match, make a point of committing to memory not only your teammates' Legends, but their Legend skins as well, so you can quickly tell them apart from enemies in hectic close-quarters situations.

All the control systems available in Respawn's new battle royale game

With multiple beta tests now under its belt, Apex Legends Mobile is slowly but surely turning out to be a much-hyped port for the battle royale game. Sporting legends with unique abilities, a ton of weapons, and endless possibilities in terms of gameplay, Apex Legends Mobile is a treat for battle royale enthusiasts. However, you cannot hope to become the ultimate champion if you don’t know about the tools of the trade. Whether you just started playing Apex Legends Mobile or have been part of the closed beta, it never hurts knowing about all the weapons available in the game. Fortunately, we are here to make life easier. We have listed all the guns in Apex Legends Mobile, so you can find the perfect pick.

The ping system in Apex Legends is probably one of the best I have seen in any Battle Royale game. Ever since the game came out, other Battle Royales tried to recreate the same effect but could never do it as well as Apex did. Since it is really helpful, you should try to use it as much as possible, especially if you are playing with randoms. There are ways to ping basically anything in the game and it is not just basic things. If you ping an open door, your character will say that someone has been there. If you ping a weapon, your character will say what the weapon is. It is actually really detailed and helpful to you and your team.

Regardless of any royal battle, there are two basic rules: a damaging circle doesn't let it sit in one area and inexorably compels players against each other, and at the close of the round there should be only one (or one team, if we are speaking about a style for squads). Apex Legends does not infringe on those unshakable foundations of this genre, but instead boldly experiments with other people.

Players using the Charge Rifle get 10 bullets per mag, which actually equals five laser beams. It eats up two sniper bullets per beam. While not the best weapon when trying to remain stealthy, the Charge Rifle is a reliable sniper when trying to take down legends.

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It’s a handy tool to close the gap on the other team if you’ve looted a good shotgun. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself in a tricky situation and need to hightail it out of there.

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In other words, you don't need to actually talk with your teammates in order to communicate with them.

As a legend whose playstyle is all about trickery, Mirage is strongest when his enemies are gullible. That said, a good Mirage player can fool anyone by using their decoys right. There are lots of uses for decoys; luring enemies into danger, distracting enemies while you escape, distracting enemies while you shoot them from a different angle, or simply making enemies waste ammo on nothing. In addition, Mirage's ability to cloak while reviving with Now You See Me... can allow for some bold revives right under an enemy's nose.

Apex Legends is a very popular video game that is actively played by many people all around the world. Aside from gleaming weaponry, Apex money may be used to purchase a variety of cosmetics. Apex Legends is a collection of games from several genres, all in one place: Battle Royale, Titlefall Series, Class-Based Shooter, and so on. All of these are only accessible on the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

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The name of our game is Space Jump. I’m the designer and artist for the game. My role is to decide the direction / theme of the game and…

Cute healer lady! She can use a bot to revive a teammate, leaving her hands free to keep fighting. Her drone can also heal you and your squad! Her ult drops a care package with guaranteed high-quality loot, which can be pretty helpful in BR, but also reveals your position to an extent. Not bad for beginners, or people who like to be WHM in FFXIV, but note that people will hunt you down so you don't rez anyone, hah.

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EA and Respawn's battle royale has finally gone next-gen with the game's latest event.

A club is a place where like-minded players can form a club and play together. It is a place where players can discuss strategies and play together. Players can either join a club or create their own for just 30 Flux. As of now, there is not much functionality to the club. But down the line, we can expect more features.

The recharge times for tactical and ultimate abilities vary per legend based on their relative strength and may be adjusted by the developers over time in the interest of balanced gameplay.

Suggested that you change to Survival Item

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You should also start memorizing the map after a few games so you know what to expect at what points of the map. If you have great map knowledge your game awareness and ability to outplay your opponents greatly increases, so we recommend that you should start familiarizing yourself with the map as soon as you can.

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You start each match with no weapons or armor, so you and your squad will have to decide if these high-tier caches are worth the risk each time you play. As for where they are? We’ll let you figure that out on your own.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is packed with Easter eggs and secrets, and we've shared a few that we found!

Ancient Obelisks are yet another way to collect experience and gear across the Wonderlands. Here’s where they all are.

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"Rolling out mobile in China requires a partner, and as we stated in our prepared remarks today, we're working with a partner there." "We're really thrilled about the potential," acknowledged EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen. As previously reported by industry insider and analyst Daniel Ahmad, EA will collaborate with a Chinese partner to "develop a mobile Apex Legends that will be launched internationally."

The Mozambique shotgun is not the best. In all honestly, it’s horrendous and should be avoided like the plague. After moving into ‘meme’ territory, many players will still ping the weapon just to hear their character state: “Mozambique here”, so feel free to get in on the fun.


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