Welcome summer....

Summer 2021 brings the feeling of optimism, passion, and commitment. Montaluce Winery and Restaurant is the perfect destination for a do-over, and a place to create and celebrate new memories. So come visit, sit back, and relax with us

We're more than just a vineyard...

"When you visit Montaluce, we greet you as guests visiting our home; we welcome & invite you to enjoy the simplicity of experiencing our first-class Tuscan winery, world-class food, & exquisite views."

    At our core, we are an agricultural business, creating estate-grown wines that tell a story. At Montaluce, we operate as a family; we consider ourselves to be passionate artisans, joined together by the desire to slow down and appreciate the process of crafting delicious wines. We believe that winemaking doesn’t need extravagance; it needs hard-working people, who dedicate themselves to understanding the care & complexity that is required to grow the perfect grape. 

Why Dahlonega, Georgia is the Perfect Ch
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We chose to begin our journey in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains for a reason. The soil type, sun exposure, & climate are all unique to our region. The constant fluctuations in unpredictable Georgia weather blesses us with an extraordinary micro-climate, which provides a longer growing season, ideal for cultivating the many complex flavors of our award-winning wines. Here in the South, we value the challenges that nature delivers because they provide uncommon cultivation conditions, in which our grapes are required to endure – this builds character & strength, resulting in a healthier flavor & aroma. We take pride in the fact that Montaluce wines fully embody our remarkable terroir. This is where farm meets wine, & we invite you to experience the beauty of flavor.