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Matthew Garner

General Manager

Matthew has a strong background in landscape design and installation. In 2006, he got the call to join the team at Montaluce and he has helped in every aspect of building, maintaining and managing this project. Matthew oversees all operations and business aspects of the entire Montaluce enterprise. 

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Ashley McGowan

Director of Sales & Events

Ashley is wedding planner with over twenty years in the business. Twenty-two years of success in in the wedding planning industry can come with recognition from many heavy weights. Ashley is no stranger to this, being named as the Top US Wedding Planner by Martha Stewart Weddings, an achievement that shows one of her greatest accomplishments and that she has received national acclaim. Her work continues to inspire and revolutionize the wedding industry. She is no stranger to success and has equipped herself many skills to enact the perfect wedding.

Johnathan Moreno

Food & Beverage Director

With over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry, Johnathan has a passion for creating new and exciting menu items and ensuring that our recipes only come from the best of ingredients. He believes that its the little details that make each experience so important, and he works hard to ensure that every guest has a great one.

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